What is Composite Risk Management (CRM)?

Composite Risk Management Circle

Composite Risk Management (CRM) is a process for decision-making developed by the US military to acknowledge, assess, and address hazards and control risks- during missions, operations, and even day-to-day activities. This 5 step process represents a shift in thinking away from a generalized “what to think” mentality, and instead focuses on teaching soldiers and other military personnel “how to think”.

The primary goal of CRM is to carefully consider all risks and avoid losses of any kind, regardless of what, when, where, or why- whether it be injured or killed soldiers, damage to military equipment, or anything that compromises the effectiveness of a mission in any way.

The five steps of CRM are:

  1. Identify Hazards
  2. Assess Hazards
  3. Develop Controls and Make Decisions
  4. Supervise and Evaluate
  5. Implement Controls

Mike Rowe, host of Dirty Jobs speaking about safety and CRM.

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